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HowTo - Docker on Windows

This short post takes you through the steps to get Docker for Windows up and running on your local machine. Docker is a pre-requisite for following along with some of our blog posts.

For an introduction to what Docker is, read this: https://www.docker.com/what-docker


You will need a computer with Windows 10 Professional or Enterprize installed. Most modern PC's will do in terms of memory, disk and CPU.


Download Docker

  1. Head over to the docker website: https://www.docker.com/
  2. Click on the Product tab, top center screen
  4. On the page that opens up, click on GET DOCKER CE FROM DOCKER STORE
  5. Scroll down to the Docker Community Edition for Windows and click on the block
  6. You will now need to sign in if you have credentials, or register as a new user
  7. Click on the Create Account link to complete the quick and free sign up process
  8. Follow the prompts and create your user
  9. Complete your registration, sign in and then click on the Get Docker button
  10. A download will start. Check for blocked popup windows if you do not see any downloads starting

Install Docker

  1. After the download completes, run it.
  2. UAC might ask for permission to run the setup. Accept it if you can confirm it is from Docker.
  3. Keep the default Configuration settings
  4. If all is well, Docker will show a screen stating Installation Succeeded
  5. Docker is now installed.

Start Docker

  1. Open up Docker from the Start Menu
  2. A Toast will indicate that Docker is starting

Enable Hyper-V and Containers Features (If required)

  1. You might get a warning, depending on your setup, that Hyper-V and Container features are not enabled. STOP and think about what would be affected on your machine here. If you are happy to proceed, save all of your work and then click Ok.
  2. Your computer will restart and Docker will automatically start up after you login to Windows

Sign In

  1. After Docker has started up you will see the following screen prompting for your username and password
  2. To sign in to most of the clients, you need to used your DOCKER ID. This is not the same as your DOCKER USERNAME.
  3. To find your DOCKER ID sign in to the Docker website and look for your Id which will be displayed next to your avatar, top right screen
  4. Use the same password you used to sign in to the website.

Test Docker

  1. Open a command prompt and type docker --version
  2. If Docker is up and running, you should see the Docker version installed as output.

Run your first Docker app

  1. Now that Docker is up and running, we can run our first app.
  2. In a command prompt, type docker run hello-world
  3. This instructs Docker to find the image hello-world, which is a little test image created by Docker, and to spin it up on your local machine.
  4. If you see Hello from Docker!, CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have successfully installed Docker on Windows!


HowTo - Docker on Windows
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